The Kingston Area Taxi Licensing Commission is concerned for your safety

Taxicabs in the Kingston Area are all required to have rooftop signs with numbers, which say "taxi". Taxi Plate numbers are posted on the front fenders. There are currently two licensed taxi brokers to choose from in the Kingston Area, they are Amey’s Taxi and Modern City Taxi. If there is no rooftop sign or numbers on the front fenders of the taxi you call, then you would be getting into an illegal taxi. This means your safety may be at risk. The driver may not have a valid Ontario Driver's Licence, may not have valid insurance with proper coverage, or police background checks may not be performed regularly.

The Highway Traffic Act has been amended as of January 2006 to include offenses for transporting passengers for compensation without municipal or government issued licenses. The taxi industry in Kingston and surrounding area is regulated by the Kingston Area Taxi Licensing Commission under licensing By-Law No. 2. Illegal taxi Drivers and Owners when convicted will face fines up to $5,000.00.

The Brokers, Plateholders, and Drivers are all required to be licensed by the Kingston Area Taxi Licensing Commission. The Kingston Area Taxi Licensing Commission ensures proper insurance, police background checks (CPICS), Drivers Abstract and Ontario Driver's Licence validity each year.

The Kingston Area Taxi Licensing Commission regulates all licensed taxis and ensures:

  • Safe taxicab vehicles
  • Valid insurance with proper coverage
  • Police background checks
  • Valid Ontario Licence

Residents, students and visitors to the Kingston area who are using illegal taxi cab companies or transportation networking companies are reminded how unsafe these vehicles can be, that insurance coverage may not be available in the event they are involved in an accident, and that a driver who may appear harmless may have a criminal record or no Ontario Driver's Licence. The driver of an illegal taxi are not regulated or monitored by the Kingston Area Taxi Licensing Commission.