• Sanitizing of office counter, tables, and door handles after each individual person uses them
  • Gloves worn by staff when sanitizing counters or tables, etc. and staff hand washing regularly a must
  • Testing scheduled by staff only 1 test applicant at a time 
  • CPICS can be completed online at the Kingston Police website K-PIC link
  • Stand at social distancing lines marked on sidewalk out side of office while waiting
  • Only 4 people in office at a time (not including staff), social distancing while in office shall be maintained at all times
  • Public and taxi industry individuals must sanitize their hands after entering the Commission office

The taxis in Kingston are sanitized after each customer's trip is completed, customer's are to wear masks, drivers are instructed to wear masks and clean the point of sale machine after each use as directed by the Kingston Health Unit directive.


The Kingston Area Taxi Licensing Commission is currently enforcing Bylaw No. 2 with respect to Illegal Taxis. If you are using a motorized vehicle to take passengers for fare and are not Licensed by the Kingston Area Taxi Licensing Commission, you are in contravention of Bylaw No. 2 and are subject to our enforcement operation. There will be no warnings issued to Illegal Taxis. Contravention of Bylaw No. 2, shall result in charges.

Kingston Area Taxi Commission Meeting Minutes

  • View Kingston Area Taxi Licensing Commission Meeting Minutes.


The Kingston Area Taxi Licensing Commission is concerned for your safety

Illegal Taxis Beware!

Taxicabs in the Kingston Area are all required to have a rooftop sign which states “Taxi” and Taxi Plate numbers posted on the front of their fenders. 

Taxi Rates

Click on the links below for Rates offered by the following licensed taxi brokers:

Renewal Fees

  • Drivers $135
  • Plate Holders $250
  • Brokers $2000

*Renewal starts October

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  • The Kingston Area Taxi Licensing Commission regulates all licensed taxis and ensures:

    Safe taxi vehicles, valid insurance with proper coverage, Police background checks (CPICS), Drivers Abstract and Valid Ontario Licence.